Thursday, July 6, 2017

Gone To Live A Little

Gone To Live A Little

Hi Lovelies,


Hey my beautiful readers! From tomorrow I am unplugging for about a month because I am flying over to take care of my mother, who is battling breast cancer. She is post operation and mid chemo, and has lots of side effects like dizziness, nausea, hair loss, you name it. I cried my eyes out about it because this and the following radiation will kill her more than a cancer itself, but that was not my decision to make, and while she went the traditional route, I dove deep into all natural cures. While I learned a lot, I want to know more, so if you are cancer survivor or know one and you are into natural treatments, please please please let me know what to do and how to help her? My email is or please DM me on Instagram if you don't want to leave a public comment. I am interested in supplements, essential oils, teas, tinctures, you name it, I want to know about it. It would be especially helpful if you could give me exact details of what and when to take. Thankfully I persuaded her to give up sugar, meat, white flour, dairy and alcohol and she took it on board. She is practically a vegan now but is really struggling because she hates veggies and can't find replacements for anything. She lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere, and while they have an eco shop, they carry none of the dairy replacements and only one type of horrible nut milk, so it is not like she can go into Wholefoods or the like and choose whatever she fancies. I think I will be able to help her with the diet part, but I want to help more, and that is exactly why I am reaching out to you guys here. Any tips? Please, pretty please?
I am interested in solid tips on what to take, when, how many times a day, as in daily/weekly plans if you wish. Please don't say "watch The Truth About Cancer or Sacred Plan" because I've done it already; or anything vague like "she could use frankincense".
Thanks so much in advance! 
Kiss and hug your loved ones tightly today and say how much you love them! 

That is all for today, see you in a month.
Lots of Love,

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Couleur Caramel Make Up Review

Hi Lovelies,

Welcome back! And if you are new here, welcome 💕💕💕

Couleur Caramel cosmetics

How are you all doing? Are you seeing any real summer yet? Here in Ireland we are experiencing oddest summer to date, I have not seeing anything like this in my nearly forty years (gasp!). Let me explain - we did had three days of really nice weather that European heatwave brought us, but other than that it is raining nearly all the time! And on those days that are sunny, the wind is so cold that it goes through your bones - to me it resembles winter wind, and that is what exactly what puzzles me. It is not supposed to be this way, I have never experienced being hot and cold at the same time (not on the same day) - when the sun is shining, you are truly roasting, at the risk of getting sun stroke, but at the same time if the wind blows, you are left shivering! All at bloody once! Oddest thing ever. Even my husband had to pack away his principles and take out the jacket again, until then he was like "it is summer, I ain't wearing no jacket"! Yep. Please let me know what's the weather like where you live?

The weather ramble aside, let's get into today's post, shall we?

Couleur Caramel is the natural, mineral and certified organic make-up brand that has arrived to our shores a couple of years back, fresh from the world’s beauty capital, Paris. It is an ethical, responsible and respectful brand, providing high-quality, trendy and healing make-up.

This French cosmetics brand, unique for its professional quality, is stirring a revolution across Europe. It has been praised by make-up professionals in the motion pictures industry as “the most sought after by both female and male actors”. It has been used by the likes of Eva Longoria and was featured in Grazia and Hello magazines. It has also been used on Strictly Come Dancing France set, which I found very interesting, it make up can hold in the studio under the harsh lights and not melt, then surely it must be good?

Couleur Caramel’s first and most important value is respect. They respect customers’ health and beauty, as well as their time and money. Respect nature and the animal world. They embrace innovation while upholding tradition.

Couleur Caramel products are all-in-one natural, organic and mineral. They use mineral raw material from trusted sources and organically grown plant-based active ingredients. The plants in Couleur Caramel make-up are cultivated under strict control on lands free from chemical fertilizers, and are harvested with utmost care. The formulas are free from synthetic or petroleum-derived ingredients. They do not use parabens, artificial dyes or fragrances.

Couleur Caramel cosmetics are made to a professional standard, which means that they offer a large make-up range with bright, long-lasting colours. Furthermore, the process of micronisation (with particles several times thinner than in ordinary powders) provides an exceptionally smooth and homogeneous texture. The result is a user-friendly product of the highest quality: silky application, flawless finish, buildable coverage, perfect hold; all this without any need for extra materials or professional equipment. Brand's aim is beauty combined with comfort and ease.

Couleur Caramel gives great consideration to the environment and animal welfare. All products are tested on volunteers and never on animals. Couleur Caramel is a member of the OneVoice association internationally known for its defence of animal rights. They use recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials for our packaging and displays.

Couleur Caramel products hold the “Cosmebio” label by the certification body Ecocert, which develops standards for natural and organic cosmetics.The Cosmebio BIO label basically means that a minimum of 95% of the specific item is of natural origin and that 95% of the certifiable ingredients are in fact organic. Couleur Caramel products are suitable for all skin types, including post-treatment skin, and all lifestyles, including vegetarian. Many of Couleur Caramel’s products are suitable for strictly vegans. They use only trusted sources and support Fair Trade, whilst ensuring product quality and traceability.

So why Couleur Caramel?

  • Natural effect
  • Comfort
  • Easy application
  • Silky texture
  • Perfect hold
  • High concentration in pigments
  • Easy correction
  • Professional quality

I have two products from the line to review, but I will surely be back for more!

Couleur Caramel blush in Peach

Blush in Peach

Blush is my happy place when it comes to the cosmetics, so naturally I opted for this when given the chance to pick what I wanted from the brand. This was easy! And I have to say I really like it, really pigmented blush in true peach colour. You definitely need a light hand with this - and this comes from someone who looves blush! I can see this lasting for a really long time, so I think it is well worth the money. The finish is matte, so I often add a bit of highlighter on top, and it is up to you if you want to do that or not. I personally love my blushes to resemble Nars Orgasm one - as in peachy shade with a bit of golden sheen to it (I even dedicated a whole blog post finding and listing more than 20 natural alternatives to it, and I am about to update it with a couple of more options too. Yes, I work hard on my blog, and I like it that way! Find the post here). By the way, I ran a toxicity report on EWG and it came back with a very impressive score of 1! Sweet or what? I am definitely impressed.


My second pick was stick foundation, as I am always interested in them too, but this was a bit trickier as they were a bit apprehensive to send it to me unless I got a professional color match first, which proved a bit trickier than I anticipated, I sent messages to official couleur caramel and couleur caramel deutchland pages on IG (there are more, but those two seemed most active) asking for a colour match, so it turned out their German page is ran by the PR company and not the brand, and I didn't get any response from the official page. Couleur Caramel is thankfully available in Ireland, but the two places I visited in person either didn't have samples or the stick foundation itself, so I am yet to find out my match. I might be either 11 or 12 - girls at Nourish Liffey were really helpful, they dug out the actual products and opened them up so I could take a look, and this is where our opinions mismatched, I wanted to go for 12, as to me it seemed like somewhat perfect match, but the sales lady was keen to push 11 on me, while I thought it is too light and too yellow based for my liking. So I left without a foundation that day, but I really regret not getting the anti redness green concealer there and then. That particular shop had a few testers, so I swatched the eye liner, the stick foundation and the green concealer on my hand, and the green concealer was still there by the end of the day. All products seemed very pigmented, which I was really impressed about, and the shop staff had only good words about the products and the brand.
Couleur Caramel liquid eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner in Black

I am really impressed by this! Previously I only tried Pure Anada liquid eyeliner when it comes to the green beauty ones, and let's just say this is million times better! As someone who uses liquid eyeliners so infrequently, I am more likely to find it dried out on me than truly finish it, even back in the day when I wasn't into green beauty. And I must admit I am really struggling when it comes to the liquid eyeliner, I suck at it, but I keep trying. Just like eyebrows, my flicked lines are more often friends, not sisters if you know what I mean, but I keep trying. This is one thing I am yet to master in make up. EWG report came up at 3 for this product, very impressive considering in mind this goes near eyes and this is exactly the product green beauty is struggling with, I hear lots of people, bloggers and youtubers saying they are yet to find a green beauty product that would work for their liking. Well, I like this product for sure, it is jet black, you only need one coat, not three like with some other brands products, it stays well, pretty much all day, for me it only crumbles away at the very end on the line, but in a minor way. The tip is very thin and flexible and if you are not a fan of those type of applicators, you can use a separate brush, I prefer small, stiff angled brush myself as I feel it gives me the most control. I am yet to see how long it will last me in the bottle, but I will update you guys either on Instagram or in my empties post here later on.

Let's look at the ingredients, shall we?

Couleur Caramel swatches

So what are my thoughts and verdict? Impressed, in love, want more! How about that? I can really see why the brand is popular with the celebrities. I am in love with the cardboard packaging too (doesn't that blush packaging resemble cutest little handbag?) as it it the ultimate recyclable material, and we don't need any more plastic if you ask me. My products were sent to me by team, who are distributors for Couleur Caramel and a few other natural brands here in Ireland. They have their in house beauty centre in Dublin 6, which I am yet to visit, but is frequented by local celebs. They are as passionate about educating consumers on benefits of using natural products as I am!

My wishlist:

💕 Green anti redness concealer in 16
💕 Correcting concealer in 08 (seems the closest to salmon colour, which works the best for me)
💕 Beauty Essential palette
💕 Perles sublimatrices - this product seems to be only on their official website, and if I ever order from them, I will make sure to include them in my order - those multi coloured pearls is one thing I miss from my pre-green beauty days. And I didn't see them anywhere else. Lust item for sure!
💕 Palette Eye Essentials nr1 - someday down the line. I really like the look of it, and if the eye shadows are as much pigmented as the blushes, I am sure I would enjoy it.
This palette seems like the close natural dupe to those Naked palettes from Urban Decay I never had. So if you have one of those and want to switch to a clean option, this is the ones to check out. Did you know that Urban Decay use teflon in their eye shadows? Yes, that one as in pans! Nice, isn't it? Doesn't that make you want to switch to natural beauty like immediately?

Ok, I am done now. Have you tried this brand and what is your favourite product?

Lots of Love,

Disclaimer. Because I have to. After some recent events I have to state that no one is allowed to use my photos (or my blog text for that matter) without my permission. Bloggers photos belong to the blogger and if you want to use them you have to ask me first and include a photo credit too. Not asking me before and not crediting the blogger for all the hard work = not cool. 

Disclaimer II. The products were sent to my for my consideration, but my thoughts are always my own. The link is not an affiliate link, nor I am paid to talk about this. Thanks for reading the small print. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Organii Everyday Organics Review

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Organii Everyday Organics products

Today I am coming at you with a review of a very affordable organic brand that is Organii Everyday Organics. This is a relatively new brand, founded in 2014 - it caught my eye in Love Lula and I went on to purchase nearly everything they do via LLABP. I was really intrigued by affordability of them first and foremost, as I got so used to pay a pretty penny for my natural and organic bath and shower products, and wanted to see how do these goodies compare. 

I couldn't find too many reviews on this brand, and quick perusion of their website and the social media revealed very little about the company's background, and no mention of founder's name, and being naturally curious I sent them quick email inquiring about this, and the reply I got was this:

About the brand: Organii was launched as a personal care brand by Pravera, one of the UK's leading distributors in the natural and organic skincare & cosmetics sector. The brand has a collection of 28 products now including cream soaps, liquid soaps, shower gels, plasters, mouthwash, sun care, hand care, skin care and health care! Each product within the range is certified natural and organic; all the soaps and shower gels are ECOCERT1 certified, whilst the plasters carry the ICEA² logo. All products other than the plasters are also Certified Vegan.
About our founder (and a little more info on the brand!): Graeme Hume, Founder and MD of Pravera Ltd, developed the ORGANii brand when he spotted a gap in the market for stylish looking, high quality natural and organic products that offer value for money. He says: “I’ve always been passionate about bringing ethical, natural and organic brands to the UK and Irish market and it’s very exciting I’ve been able to use this experience to develop my own brand. ORGANii is a stylish range of everyday organic products at an affordable price point. My experience tells me that both retailers and customers appreciate certified natural and organic products that have a competitive price point, so I wanted ORGANii to tick those boxes.”

The soap and shower products come in a variety of fruity and floral fragrances, ranging from calming Lavender and energising Citrus to the more quirky bittersweet Liquorice and summery Strawberry. In addition, there is also a fragrance-free Soap Bar and Liquid Soap available in the range. The ORGANii plasters are completely unique and made from organic cotton and contain a natural adhesive, making it perfect for people with hypersensitive skin. Graeme Hume, Founder and MD of Pravera Ltd, explains: “There are currently no other brands on the market that offer certified organic cotton plasters, so our ORGANii plasters are truly different and unique. When you know that traditional plasters can contain synthetic plastics and glue, polyurethane (a synthetic resin) and even latex, which can irritate the skin, it is worth considering a more gentle and organic option."

I got their shower gels, mouthwashes, hand soaps - two of each, as well as a bar of soap and post sun cream. Everything you see in the picture above came under 50£, which is extremely affordable when it comes to organic products if you ask me. Almost all of their product come at under 6£ with the exception of their SPF products. And by the look of things they are coming out with two new products too. I was trying everything for the last couple of weeks and I am ready to come out with my two cents on the products - thankfully it is not skincare which takes at least six weeks testing daily - you know if you are into shower gel or mouthwash straight away.

Company's mission is to offer the consumer good value products with high integrity. Our products are sourced from similarly minded, ethical manufacturers who share our passion for all things natural and organic. Organii products must meet selected criteria including; effective formulas, value for money, products suitable for the whole family while looking good in any bathroom. They also need to be certified natural and organic with conscientious packaging. They do not claim to invent or innovate but they do promise to provide high quality, fairly priced products with integrity to the consumer.And I really appreciate it! Everything is EcoCert certified. They seem to be collecting many awards, like Green Parent, Natural Health and Beauty Shortlist ones, and to me it only confirms I am onto a good thing! They say many if not all of their products are from 100% plant based origin, meaning they are vegan, and their parfum sources are also 100% natural. As I already mentioned, and I am sure you find the same too, everything or almost everything in the green beauty world is costing a pretty penny, and that is one thing people just switching up from mainstream products point out - EVERYTHING IS SOOO EXPENSIVE! And at the beginning I found it too as well. Once you get used to it, it becomes the norm and you don't object to it anymore, but as I got so used to the higher prices so much, I wanted to test these cheaper options and compare. By the way, none of these products can be found in EWG Skin Deep Database, so I did the hard work for you and ran all the reports myself. It is a bit of time consuming process, but worth it for the peace of your mind. So let's dig in into the individual categories, shall we?

Organii Everyday Organics shower gel

Shower gel

I got two scents in fruity and refreshing Strawberry and Shea Butter scent. The packaging is really adorable, like a mini milk bottle, and you get 300ml of product. This is a vegan product. These were an instant hit in the house, and the strawberry one is almost gone by the time I am reviewing these products. The scents are very mild, not overpowering at all, so if you are really sensitive to scents, you might chance trying these products, or get their unscented versions of it, if they have it. PH of these products is 6 (please note I test with a ph strips and not the device). EWG report gave it a toxicity score of 4 (out of 10)

INCI - aqua, pseudotsuga menziesii water*, ammonium lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, lauryl glucoside, sodium chloride, parfum, sodium benzoate, lactic acid, potassium sorbate, benzoic acid
*ingredients from organic farming
99.5% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 10.2% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

Organii Everyday Organics liquid soap

Liquid soap

I got it in neutral and in citrus scents - and I have to say these are my second favourite products from everything that I got, these beauties are hard at work, one in the bathroom, one at the kitchen sink. I must admit they leave a bit of a film on the hands when I wash my hands with cold water, which is most times. I guess it is to be expected there's natural oils in the formula? I wanted to point this out so you would be in the known before buying this product, not after. Description says it is suitable for vegans. PH of this product is 9, so just like DrBronner's soap. And because of the alkaline ph and alcohol in it, I find them ever so slightly drying, but that is quickly remedied by a hand cream and Madara balm at night. But while DrBronner's is really drying my skin out, this liquid soap does that just so-so. EWG report came at 3, but it didn't recognize two of the ingredients, potassium Sunflowerseedate and strangely enough, alcohol denaturate.

Aqua, potassium Sunflowerseedate*, Potassium Olivate*, Alcohol denat., Glycerin*, Potassium Citrate, Parfum, Limonene**, Citral**, Linalool**, Geraniol**, Citronellol**
*Made using organic ingredients
100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 17% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

Organii Everyday Organics aloe mouthwash


Again, I got it in pair, citrus one and eucalyptus one (at the moment that is all the variety they are offering) and I must admit I wasn't a big fan of eucalyptus one, which I opened first, but when I tried the citrus one, I found it much more palatable. The flavour starts out very mellow, and it intensifies as you swish, so I guess that eucalyptus in my mouth I found a bit too much, as it is not normally something I'd go for. In any product in fact, with the exception of essential oil to be used in winter for bronchitis and cough treatments. Citrus was much more my style. You get a whooping 500ml of product, so I see this lasting a really long time for us. PH of this product is 5. And EWG report came at 4.

aqua (water), aloe barbadensis gel*, alcohol*, citrus medica limonum oil*, citrus aurantium dulcis oil*, citrus grandis oil* limonene, citral, geraniol, linalool, coumarin, sorbic acid, sodium benzoate, sodium dehydroacetate.
The website does not state the percentage of organic ingredients in this product.

Organii Everyday Organics Cream Soap and After Sun Cream

Almond Cream Soap with organic shea butter

I must admit I haven't used it yet, as I've plenty of shower gel, and I am thinking taking it on my upcoming trip, as not to have too many liquids on me, so I will have to come back and update you aftewards. PH of it came at 9 too, so I expect it to be slightly (or a lot) drying, but we have to wait and see. EWG report came at 3.

(INCI) - Sodium Palmate***, Sodium Palm Kernelate***, Aqua, Glycerin***, Elaeis Guineensis Kernel Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Perfum, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Linalool**, Benzyl Salicylate** Benzyl Alcohol**
*Ingredients from organic farming, **as component of essential oils, ***made using organic ingredients
99.9% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 82.6% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

After Sun Cream

I haven't had a chance to try this either, as after three lovely days of European heat wave was well and truly over in Ireland, and we are back to seemingly permanent rain and jackets. So it is fair to say I haven't had a chance to get my legs out or anything like it, aka no chance of testing this product yet. I am taking this product on my upcoming product too, so I will get back to you on this as well. I'll include the PH of the product then too, as for now it is sealed and I don't want to open it before I need it. EWG report says it is 4.

INCI - aqua (water), aloe barbadensis gel*, cetearyl alcohol, butyrospermum parkii butter*, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, parfum**, argania spinosa kernel oil*, glycerin, calendula officinalis flower extract*, tocopherol, lactic acid, benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

The description does not state the percentage of organic ingredients either.

(by the way, I have a very old blog post with delightfully bad pictures on all natural after sun care and DIY sunburn remedies, and I will link it here).

Organii Everyday Organics Organic Cotton Patches

Organic Cotton Patches

Umm, I have to be real here, half of the kiddies ones were used up for DrMcstuffins games before I could even taken a picture of it, so needless to say, these are a big hit in the house. And what's not to love? Organic cotton instead of that dreaded plastic bandage? Affordable price too, you get 50 of the "normal" adult ones or 20 colourful ones for the kids. Just take a leaf out of my book, check on the kids as soon as the house is quiet, not after 10 minutes of "nice and quiet time" - by then you might not have any of the patches left, lol. These hold up as any patch wood, and I much rather will have organic cotton than plastic ones, thank you very much.

So that is all for today. Have you tried any of these product and what do you think?

Lots of Love,

Renata 💕

Disclaimer. Because I have to. For me it goes without saying, but you can't use my photos without my permission. I used to think it is obvious to everyone that blogger's photos are blogger's asset and belongs to the blogger, but after some recent events I will include this in my posts. I am happy to lend brands and websites to use them as long as I am credited for them. Not asking my permission before and not giving me photo credit after = not cool.



Friday, June 30, 2017

Herbivore Brighten Pineapple & Gemstone Mask Review

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Herbovore Brighten Pineapple & Gemstone Mask from

Today I am coming at you with a fabulous mask review. As you might know, I was 30+ years late to the masking game - shock horror, right? Needless to say I am making up for the lost time big time, and one of the masks I am currently using it Herbivore Brighten mask I got from Eminessences - thank you Emily! (not an affiliate link, nor this is a sponsored post. Just sharing my thoughts in a review). We connected via Instagram, and when she asked would I like to try something from Herbivore, I didn't hesitate - this is a fabulous natural brand I'd wanted to try anyway, so needless to say I grabbed the chance with both hands. Admittedly I had my sights on another mask from this brand - Blue Tansy one - but after asking Emily which one should I go for, I listened to her advice and went for Brighten mask as a more suitable option for sensitive skin. And I am so glad I did - I found a mask that suits me and it really makes a difference in how my skin looks - natural ingredients, gentle yet powerful enough to make a difference in five minutes - why yes please! And did I mention gemstone powder?? Gems on my face? Why yes please!

Herbivore is a brand co-founded by husband and wife Alex and Julia in their Seattle kitchen in 2001. They aim to bring you products that are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. They believe in tangible results you can see and feel, and believe in the power of nature to bring these results. Every ingredient that is included in Herbivore products is there for a specific therapeutic reason. They do not use fillers of any kind, meaning that almost every ingredient in the products is an “active” ingredient. This results in pure, highly concentrated, and effective formulas that are a rarity in the skincare and cosmetics world today. All of their formulas are original, created and tested by themselves, on real people — never on animals and always from scratch, with an emphasis on organic, high quality, and food-grade ingredients.
Knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, they ethically source the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer. With ingredients ranging from French pink clay to Brazilian gemstones, they formulate treatments that combine essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.

Let's look at those fabulous ingredients in the mask, shall we?
Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Gel, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (plant derived), Glycerin, Carica Papaya (Organic Papaya) Fruit Extract, Pineapple Natural Melange, Ananas Comosus (Organic Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Brazilian Micronized Tourmaline Gemstone Powder, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder, Leucidal (Radish Root ferment).

That's it! Minimal ingredients, all natural, all you can understand - don't you love it? I know I do.

Brazilian White Tourmaline Gemstone: Naturally brightens and illuminates the complexion. It also creates a slight warming effect and increases circulation within the top layers of the skin leading to healthier skin cells and more vibrant skin.

Pineapple and Papaya Enzymes: Natural forms of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that gently resurface and exfoliate the skin, leaving it smoother and brighter. Natural fruit enzymes are more gentle than traditional chemically produced alpha hydroxy acids, which tend to dry out the skin.

Rice Powder: Has been used in Japan for centuries to brighten, soften, and smooth the complexion.

Now, I have to say normally I shy away from anything with AHA's in it (I prefer gentle manual and minimal exfoliation with face cloths and kognac sponges) but I am so glad I gave this a shot - it lifts away that dead layer of your skin revealing new smooth and plump skin underneath - and that is exactly the results I get from it - smooth, lovely and bright skin. No irritations, just one thing to remember for my sensitive skin gals - don't keep it on for more than five minutes. Everybody else, be my guest to keep it on for 20 mins or until the face is dry. Rinse with warm water. You are supposed to do this mask for the first three days in a row, and then use it 2 to 3 times a week, and that is exactly what I've done. I use it twice a week, as I have sensitive skin and have to remember to take it easy, and you just see how your skin feels and use accordingly. Slight to normal tingling is normal when using this mask. They advise you to use this mask at night as you do not want to expose your skin to sun directly following use. And always remember to use SPF during the day to avoid sun damage. But I shouldn't be telling you all this, as it is a common sense with AHA masks and the sun, but you know, just in case!

By the way, if you are a reader from Europe, I suggest you check out that Eminessences web shop - they offer many non EU brands including Earthwise Beauty, Mahalo, Leahlani, Captain Blankenship, Fitglow Beauty and more - meaning that you would be ordering from inside of Europe and wouldn't have to worry about looming custom charges. I know I have this shop bookmarked for when I will be ready to stock up on Nap In The Meadow from Earthwise Beauty. And this mask, of course. I also got a sample of Fitglow Beauty foundation and I have to say I really like it! Oh, possibilities, possibilities! I feel my wishlist getting longer by the minutes :)

That's is it for today. Have you tried this mask or anything else from Herbivore? What are your thoughts on the products?

Lots of Love,

Renata 💕

Disclaimer: This should go without saying, but you can't use my photos without my permission, and after some recent events I will be including this into my blog posts. I am happy to lend them to brands or websites to use, as long as I am credited, using my photos without asking me first and not crediting me as a creator on social media = not cool.

Disclaimer II: Product was sent to my consideration. Opinions are always my own. I am always clear, you guys know me. Not paid, not sponsored to write this, the link is not an affiliate link too, purely for your convenience.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Natural, organic and eco empties - June 2017

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Oganic and natural product empties

Well, we all know what it is all about, so let's dive in!

DrOrganic Rose Facial Scrub - decluttering

I said this time and time again, and now it is official - this brand is one of the greenwashing ones, pretending greener than they are actually are, and I am glad it is out in the open now. Check Soil Association website if you don’t want to take my word for it, that is all I am saying. I am done with this brand maybe just bar one products, because of these greenwashing claims and because none but one product worked for me. This scrub I used only once and it was way too harsh on my skin, plus it broke me out. My teen also said the same thing, plus she described it as rubbing sandpaper all over your face. I have to say I second her. Oh, this was bought by my hubby in post Christmas sale last year. Seeing at it was used only one centimetre down, I should have binned this long time ago. As you can guess, not a repurchase.

Mahalo Vitality Elixir

Oh, what a sad day was in Green Life In Dublin Casa when this ran out! Maryna, could I get more please? Pretty please? See my review here, but if you follow me for any length of time, you know I love this facial oil - it has great ingredients and my uber sensitive and dermatitis prone skin loved it. It has something to do with turmeric :) In fact I loved all the Mahalo products I have had a chance to try, and even though I am living La Vida Broka right now, I have to find ways to repurchase some of her products. Santa? Are you listening?

Miaroma Chamomile essential oil

Bought it from Holland & Barrett a while ago, and now it's sadly gone off on me, without getting proper use out of it. Not repurchasing any essential oils from this brand, I don't find them good quality. For example, this smells like old sunflower oil (you know, cooking oil). I’ve never had it with any essential oils from other brands I used to date.

Jane Iredale lash conditioner mini

I am so impressed with it, I am definitely getting a full size of it soon. Makes any mascara ten times better by adding volume and length, and that is exactly what I am looking for. I knew of this product's existence for a long time but never thought of getting it until I tried it for myself. Yes, it is 20plus euros expense on top of your mascara expense, but seeing how much it helps my lashes to look amazing, I can finally justify that extra spending on it.

Flower and Spice facial cream and scrub

I met up with a Flower and Spice founder and formulator Karmen a little while ago for a cup of green tea and green beauty chat, and she gave me samples of her upcoming collection, launching fall 2017. Lovely products. I am still using their facial oil, as oils last for quite a long time, it will end up in next month's empties.

Dublin Herbalists samples

This is a natural company local to me, they sent me samples of all their products a few months ago, and I am yet to put a review out. Will have to work on it harder.

Mii Minerals mineral foundation - decluttering

I have this for more than five years, so obviously it is time to let it go! I don’t even know if they are still around, but at that time they had two sides to their products and website too - organic products and non organic. This is too dark for me, shade !!!!!!! and thankfully my friend who is happy to take things off my hands has darker skin tone than me. I do not worry about passing this onto her - loose minerals have a long shelf life and I have done nothing to contaminate it. Otherwise I give her strict instructions of how many months she has left in one or the other product. Not a repurchase. I am loving Pure Anada mineral foundation.

Egyptian Magic Balm

This I’d bought myself, and the bugger expired on me despite the jar saying it is still good until 02/2018. But as I know I’d gotten it many months ago, I am OK with letting it go, even though it is barely used. 35€ down the drain, well done Renata! The thing is I bought this just before I won or was sent some other more luxurious balms, so needless to say I pushed this aside in order to try and use those other products. This is good basic balm, and if you are not looking for frills or bells and whistles in your balm, this is a good one to try. Especially if you have allergies or sensitivities to some ingredients. I think I will still review this eventually, but it will be a while before I will repurchase it, I now aim to have only one balm open at any given time.

Mahalo Rare Indigo balm (mini)

I actually finished two mini jars of it, and I enjoyed them tremendously! This product is amazing for troubled and inflamed skin, I can attest to that. I would go on as far as to say it is one of the very few products I would spend 100plus euros on it. I will review it or update my Mahalo review soon. I am fortunate enough to own a full size of it acquired in a green beauty swap. The jar is half full, but nonetheless, it will last me for months. Thanks beautiful soul that you are Boriana or 1988 Bori from Instagram!

Natural products trash or empties :)

Ren Evercalm Ultra Rescue mask (sample)

This is another great product at calming red and angry skin, I was amazed at how well it worked! Ren is a line I used here and there, but stopped for a while when I found out all products have phenoxyethanol in them, it is synthetic preservative that everyone's in green beauty bashing, but no one has a good alternative or solution to it. I do have some products containing it, but I try to keep those to a minimum, as researchers say it is “slightly toxic” in higher concentrations. Umm, slightly toxic??! I’ll keep it to a minimum then, thanks! But I am interested in that calming mask, goddammit! Oh, what to do? I have a sample of the calming serum from the same line.

Greenfrog Botanic hand soap

Review here if you want to check it out. This is good natural non sudsing soap made from soap berries and organic aloe vera. The texture will take a bit of time to get used it, but because of it, my family asked me not to get this hand soap and shower gels, and I have to respect their wishes. We are trying Organii brand now, also found in Love Lula.

Leahlani Champagne serum

I absolutely adore their Mermaid mask (and finally have a full size of it coming my way) but I am sad to say Champagne serum didn't work out for me, too much essential oils for my sensitive skin to handle. I still want to try everything else in the line though, everything sounds absolutely ahhmaaaaazing!

Lotus Wei Infinite Love anointing oil

I adore this line of Lotus Wei products, and at the same time am sad to say these roll ons are too strong for me, too much essential oils for me to handle - if I use it anywhere near my head or torso, I get instant headaches. And it is sad, because if I use it on my arms or wrists somewhere, I can't feel the gorgeous aroma, and that is specifically why I bought it. I went on to purchase a mist in the same line, it is more diluted and I have no problem with it.

Lotus Wei Joy Juice Elixir

Again, a product from a gorgeous brand, and I would gladly repurchase it, but they raised the prices since my last purchase in December, and I don't think I have the funds for them right now. They were not cheap to begin with, but now the aura mist costs 40£, which is way out of my price range. Wish I could have a constant supply of these, and will be sad if I couldn't get them anymore. Find my review here. But the reality is, someone close to me is seriously ill now, and I face medical expenses.
A repurchase? Not quite sure yet. I do know I want them, I surely do, I just need to find funds for them. Which is tricky, not going to lie.

Frankincense toothpaste from Living Libations

I bought this, happy tooth serum and happy tooth ozonated gum gel from Dutch Health Store - check them out for the largest Living Libations selection in Europe. There are some more online stores that carry Living Libations, but they seem to have a few selected Best Skin Ever and that's it. My initial draw to the brand was different, I wanted to try their dental products first and foremost, which is why I dropped more than a hundred bucks for three items. I will reserve my thoughs for the review post, so stay tuned! Ps. now that my dental products post is live, I can link it here.

Naobay Soft Tollerance and Eye Contour Cream

I used to use this in winter, together with Mahalo Vitality Elixir serum, and the two together worked great, but when I ran out of the said serum and started using cream on it's own, my skin got irritated. Not a downfall of the product, as it happened with the face cream I used after this as well. I don't know, my skin is really weird in that sense, I can never be guaranteed if it will be able to tolerate something at the same level two months on. That's why I never rush with skincare reviews. Naobay argan oil on the other hand is lovely, and I can use it without a bother. This might be your perfect cream, if it didn't suit me, it doesn't mean it won't suit you too.

Soley eyGLO face cream

This is the cream I am talking about, I used half of the jar without a care in the world, and was ready to write a glowing review on it, as I really liked it, but something happened halfway through the jar and my skin started showing signs of irritation in a form of redness, so I discontinued it. Try it for yourself, as it might be just the thing for you? If you have dry skin you will love it, if you are on more of the oilier side, I am afraid this isn't the product for you.

Human & Kind body oil

Unfortunately this contains wheatgerm oil, hence gluten, so I can't use it, and as no one else in my family are using body oils or creams, I am passing it on to someone else who will enjoy it. Great smell though. I used it once on my hair to try it out, and it did sink in really fast, which I loved.

100%Pure SPF30 Everywhere Stick

This is another full size product that expired on me before I could use it up or form my final opinion on it. My first impression was that is leaves a very white white cast that's hard to rub in. Not sure if repurchasing or not.

Flying Wild lip balm (and body and hand balms)

I think this is my favourite Irish company that does wonderful balms with pure honey and very few ingredients. Nothing that does not benefit the skin, isn't in their products. Reviews here and here if you want to see it? Adore. Insert every heart eyed emoji here!
Definitely a repurchase.

Kimberly Sayer Antioxidant SPF30 face cream (sample)

I am using Ultra Light SPF30 face cream as my “city” SPF product for a second year running, it is aimed at oily skin people, so naturally I wanted to try the other version aimed for dry skin. Not impressed enough to switch, I am sticking to the oily skin version - it is twice the amount for the same price, and it comes in a pump bottle whereas the dry skin version is in a pot, where you scoop it out with your fingers. Not moisturising enough to make me switch, I find little difference in them, plus it has too much lavender scent, something I don't like. Sticking with the one I have.

DrBronners Almond soap (1 litre)

Not pictured, because my daughter threw it away without thinking, but we all know what DrBronners bottle looks like :) I don't use it for washing my face, body or hair, because the ph is too high and I find it too drying. But I constantly have it in the house, because I wash clothes with it and use it for cleaning, it is excellent for that. Now I am trying soap nuts to see of they compare and if I can bring the cost down, because as you can imagine, washing clothes with DrBronners is an expensive business! For some (maddening) reason it costs twice as much in EU than in the US.
A repurchase? constant!

Solgar Vit D 2500iu (not pictured)

This is what I use daily and I recommend everyone check their levels because majority of us are deficient. Most of us think of vitD as for babies, but guess what? VitD is not only a vitamin but also a hormone needed for 300+ body functions daily, so this is something to consider if you are not taking it already. I noticed huge improvements in my SAD and keeping my skin healthy and dermatitis at bay.

Udo’s Adult Blend 17Billion Probiotics

Again, this is something I take to keep dermatitis at bay. Probiotics are hugely popular right now, and I used not to pay attention to this push a few years back, thinking it is a latest fad/something I don't need, until I learned this is exactly the key to healing your gut. Aka healing skin issues. Heal your gut = heal your life. Choose as much billions as you can afford. Not millions.

Solgar Balance Rhodiola Complex

Another key part in managing my SAD (I touched on it here and there, and you can clearly see I’m suffering from it in my Winter Faves post) - definitely a repurchase come next winter, I take this and vitD, plus magnesium and it had made a huge difference in how I feel.

Bellapierre Antique Pink liquid lipstick

This came in the latest Love Lula beauty box, and I knew straight away I wouldn't be able to pull this off, so a swatch later I am passing it onto a friend, who has no job and major health issues and is down in the dumps because of it- I hope this and something else in the care package I am preparing for her will cheer her up!

Puressential Muscles & Joints Massage gel

Found and acquired by Mr Anti Social Media Green Life In Dublin himself, I am kind of proud of this! When we, or should I say I, transitioned into green beauty years and years ago, I was met with resistance for half a decade so strong, that we used to have “his and hers” products for a while, and now I see most of the conventional products vanishing from our house for good. He seems to be a convert, if he sought this product instead of conventional heat gel he used to get. And he said it's working! Used up before I could take a pic for a blog, but that's dudes for you, they open and use products, it's only me who feels the need to photograph Every Thing before using, haha!
Repurchase? Yes, already have.

Jason toothpaste

I am on forever lookout for a natural toothpaste without carrageenan and glycerine, and this has both. Therefore not a repurchase. I am sort of killing myself finding toothpastes that wouldn't have both, but for once, they are extremely hard to find, and those few that I managed to get my paws on, either taste like swamp or don't do anything! (see my previous post of empties if interested). So in a moment of weakness and frustration I purchased this Jason one, but no more. I used this in alterations with coconut oil toothpaste by Living Libations (shown above) and natural coconut shell charcoal toothpowder. I talk more of them in my dental care post. Now back to those two offenders (in my opinion) The thing is carrageenan is shown to cause inflammation in the body if ingested (not that you would eat your toothpaste or anything, but anything with the word “inflammation” is a red flag for me. Carrageenan is used in a lot of toothpastes for texture. And for some reason, in lots of vegan /health foods and nut milks. I’ll skip those, thanks very much.
Glycerine is shown to coat the teeth and prevent them from remineralising themselves, therefore I don't want that in my toothpaste either, even though it is in practically every natural toothpaste under the sun.
If you happen to know a good toothpaste that wouldn't have carageenan and glycerine, please do me a favour and let me know! You will have my gratitude forever!

Kathy Sue Ann's body butter

I'm testing this and two more products from this line for OBL Club, so not sure if I can talk about this in my blog also, but be sure to read my thoughts on it in OBL database later on. Don't know what OBL Club is? Girl, you need to know. And join! Created by two lovely fellow green beauty bloggers Andrea from Organic Beauty Lover and Rachel from Naturlily, this program lets you try full size organic and natural products for free, they only ask for your honest thoughts on it. And everyone can join, you don't have to be a blogger! I will link it here. And I just got idea to ask Rachel for interview for my Natural Beauties blog series. Stay tuned :)

Mahalo Petal mask (sample, not pictured)

Again, acquired via green beauty swap, the sample allowed me to have two applications of it. But man, I wish I didn't do that second application! Let me tell you why. The first time I used it, I made a little collage and posted it to Instagram, and someone commented that it looks unusually dark. It should have been a warning for me. I kind of forgot about it for a couple of weeks, and when I went on to use it for a second time, my skin BURNED! Not slightly red or irritated, BURNED. My husband compared me to a acid victim, that how bad it was. It all happened during the day, and by the time he was home my skin was back to normal - thanks to manuka honey! Mahalo, I love you dearly, but I will never purchase this mask. Sensitive skin gals, be careful with this, don't leave it on for five minutes, and never use it if you have a slight suspicion it might be old. I don't want to put you off your dinner, but this is how I looked: SCARY! In real life the skin was even more red, my new camera frustratingly adds cool tones to everything. Sigh.

So that is it for now. What have you guys finished lately?

Lots of Love,


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