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Green Beauty Black Friday Deals - EU & UK

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Black Friday EU & UK Green Beauty Deals

I asked the EU and UK brands and web shops what discounts they will be doing on Black Friday if any, and here's my round up for you my lovely readers! I hope you will be able to treat yourself and save a little too!

In no particular order here is the list, grouped by destination:


Down To Earth Dublin
10% of selected specials like DrBronners, Solgar, Bragg's, Jason, etc

Jo Browne Ireland 
20% off for the weekend, code black20

VClaire Natural Cosmetics
20% off Couleur Caramel and 20% off 3 steps Cleanse Tone Exfoliate at

Warrior Botanicals
15% off for the day and donating a portion to charity

Nourish Dublin
25% off Pai skincare and 10% off Pai gift sets

Bloom Ocean 
Buy 3 or more and get one product free, plus free delivery to Ireland for 24hrs only. My readers also get 5% off until the end of the year! Code "green life" Don't forget about my and Bloom Ocean giveaway on IG, open until the end of November 2017.

15% off on their website

Gallaghers On The Green
offering free delivery within Ireland

20% off online for entire weekend

Discounts on various products on their website

24hrs sale on selected products

Bees Flying Wild
No specific BF sales, but I still wanted to include this brand, as it is my favourite Irish brand - and you can't beat the prices with a stick - 500ml body butter for only 18.50€! All natural and with organic ingredients where possible. 


Love Lula
15% off everything with the code FRIDAY. Valid till 2nd December and don't forget to check my my picks post here.

Neal's Yard Remedies
20% off gift sets - shop my NYR page here.

ISUN Skincare UK
Special offers via their newsletter

Inner Senses Organics 
3 for 2 sale on the website, cheapest being free

Glow Organic Brighton 
Instead of sale, they are donating 10% for WWF charity for sales throughout the weekend

Super Natural UK 
50% off on Skin & Tonic, Soapwalla and Sister & Co

Eco Beauty Crew 
15% of everything excluding sale items, code BLACKFRIDAY 

Ecovida Gifts 
20% off just for my readers running all weekend - code BFGLID207

Ezape Naturals
25% off every full size product and a free sample with a code BLACK25

In celebration of their 1st Bday they are running a sale until 30th November, no code needed, the products are already discounted on the website.

Mono Natural Oils
Offering 20% off for their "Giving Back Is The Black" campaign where they will plant a tree and give £3 for "Breakfast In The Bag" which will sponsor a breakfast for a homeless person.

Lily Lolo
15% off with a code BLACK17 - ends 24.11.17

Inner Senses Organics
3 for 2 sale on the website, cheapest being free

Content Beauty
£30+ orders get 15% off with a code HOLIDAY15
£100+ get 20% off, code HOLIDAY20

Kathy Sue-Anns
30% off for Black Friday - code KSA30 

15% off all orders with a code Green15
20% off orders above 100£, code Green20
Four days of offers starting now. Free shipping on all orders for the duration.


Dafna Skincare (Spain)
15% off and free shipping for orders above 100€

So Natural Beauty (Belgium)
will update info as soon as they will get back to me

Eminessences (Belgium)
15% off code HAPPYBF15 (Germany)
25% off most Pai products and 10% off Pai gift sets

Living Libations Store (Netherlands)
10% off selected products

Reina organics (Netherlands)
no specific BF sales but I would advise you to follow this lady throughout the year, she constantly does deals that are better than BF sales, like giving away Pele mask refill or Rahua full size product with orders above 200€, or full size of Well People product for orders above 100€. Plus she supports children charities all year round!

Divine Green Beauty (France)
10% one day sale with a code BLACK (Belgium)
30% off on Thank You Farmer and 20% off other brands

My Green Brands (France)
20% off Evolve, Kahina, Trilogy and 30% off Madara

Rest of the world:

I didn't plan on gathering info on US Black Friday sales, as I feel it is best to leave this to the bloggers who are actually based in the US! Check out my girl's Janny Organically post if you are visiting from US. The only web shop I will include is Aillea, because they asked me to :)

20% off store-wide for the weekend 24th to 27th

That is all I could gather this year, if I missed anything, let me know! Enjoy sales and please try to support small businesses and local brands if you can xo
Green Life In dublin
Remember, it is not a good deal if you don't need it in the first place. Save cash today, but save the planet too!

That is all for now,

Lots of Love,
Green Life In Dublin
 Disclaimer: I worked hard for this post! The only affiliate links here is to Love Lula website and my NYR page - and I thank you if you will use it. It is at no additional cost to you xo

Black Friday Love Lula Picks

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Green Life In Dublin
Love Lula product recommendations by Green Life In Dublin

Some of you might know I am working on Black Friday post rounding up the best deals in EU and UK, to be published very soon. So let this be a little preview of it, because guess what? Love Lula have already started their 15% off sale and it runs until December 2nd! Fabulous or what?

So I thought it would be helpful if I made a list of my favourite products and my wishlist too. I have a dermatitis prone and sensitive skin, and my scalp is more or less the same, so these products are tried and tested. I have reviews on most of the things I am recommending, and I will link them at the end of this post in the case you want to read my thoughts on them in great detail. 


Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

I've never had repurchased a cream more times! I am on my 4th or 5th tube, I don't even know, and I know for sure this is what I am definitely buying as a replacement as my BF treat to myself. Greasy looking, yes, but I never had a face cream suit my sensitive skin so well. Never any issues or major dermatitis outbreaks when I use this, in fact, the opposite it true - soothed, nourished skin anyone? I know for sure this is a repurchase for life and definitely this year's Favourite Face Cream. I freak out when I am halfway through, and order next one straight away, as I never want to be without it. What's better, this comes with two mini side kicks in Love Lula's Christmas shop, so you are getting even more stuff for your money.

 My favourite shampoo for the last half a year, and I still have about 2 cm left which I assume will give me another 6 to 8 weeks out of it. I have known about this shampoo for years but I finally splurged on it, and I am so glad I did. I enjoyed having good hair days for a change, as so many other shampoos don't work for me and give me all kinds of issues - dandruff, itchy scalp, tangly mess for the hair - this is none of those things. I didn't realise until I was about to post the review that I hadn't had any scalp issues for months! So now it is a good time to get it.

I should get my stuff together and post that Inika review! So many great products I am really enjoying this line lately. I have this for about 2yrs and I am far from done! You need a pin prick amount, and what I love the most about it, it's that it lasts all day - it is there until you are ready to take it off. Great universally flattering shade too, not too pink, not too golden. Definitely getting it again, but at the moment it seems to be out of stock - whoopsie! Keep your eyes peeled - if you love Modern Minerals Moonstone highlighter, this is very similar, but better :) 

Really enjoying this nude/ brown shade, that came in the November Love Lula Beauty Box. I am not someone who switches to dark or berry lips for autumn and winter, so I am sure I will get loads of wear out of it. You can see swatches and how it looks on in the picture. 

Inika Naked Kiss Lipstick swatch

This is really impressive mascara - it gives you length, volume (not too much though) and you can build it up nicely, all of which I like. It also doesn't flake, and I have it since August. Definitely a contender for repurchasing and I will talk more about it in the upcoming Inika review. 

Really great full coverage moisturising concealer. Sticky, yes, but it does not crease and I really enjoyed it for the last few months. See the review in the link down below. Great if you need to hide tiredness in a pinch.

It is one of the Nars Orgasm natural dupes I am enjoying at the moment. I will link that post down below as well - I worked very hard on that post to find you natural dupes, and I list more than twenty! 

Really recommend it for everyone, and especially for my sensitive skin gals - very gentle and natural way to wash your face and exfoliate. A must. 

I am yet to review this despite using the product for over two years. This I use as my face SPF, but bear in mind it is not a specific sunblock product, it is a moisturiser with SPF. Good for city, but I wouldn't rely on it for sun holidays.The only face SPF product not to break me out or have a white cast, and that's why I continue to use it.

Another product I am using for well over two years and don't have a review on! This is different in texture than regular Hurraw balms, I find it stays on better, and I love lovely vanilla scent too. Definitely recommend if you haven't tried it. I use it all year round as my nightly lip balm, but when autumn and winter rolls around, I use it for day too - for the reason mentioned above, it stays in your lips when so many other lip balms fail. 

This I recommend purely because it is one of my top three natural Perfumes - so deep and sensual with Tobacco, Amber, Vanilla and Sandalwood notes. Exactly how I like my Perfumes to be. I do realize Perfumes are highly personal, so I am suggesting you try a sample first. 

Great very natural and very affordable product that is very well loved and used in our house. Lasts a long time, has only paper box for packaging - great product if you are keen to move into less waste lifestyle. Can replace shaving product and I heard a ton of great reviews using this as a face wash for acne prone skin too. 

Green Life In Dublin
Love Lula Wishlist


Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel

I have had a few samples of this and I am finally ready to commit to a full size of it! Really amazing at healing all kinds of skin boo boos from scrapes to zits, and I really like the clean ingredients too. Just like with Rahua shampoo, I will probably have to hide it from my hubs, who uses stuff at a blink-and-you-will-miss-it rate. Shh, don't tell.


Well, since it is a wishlist, I am allowed to go all out with my wishes, am I? Probiotic skincare intrigues me to no end, and I am very keen to explore this line soon. Uber pricy, but this is my fantasy wish list, and 15% would bring significant savings in this case. Other products are less expensive, but serum is one of the two areas I would splurge on, so that is why I am including this. 

I am not sure how I feel about using peat on my face, but the pull is greater than push, so expect me to get (and review) these products soon. 

Baobab is one of the things that is calling my name, and what can I say, all things baobab, come this way please 💕 starting with this shampoo. I have my eye on this shampoo (and others from this range too) for a little while now, but I want to finish my Rahua before getting anything else. Trying not to have too many open products at once.

As someone with face dermatitis I am naturally keen to try this product. The only thing that is stopping me is high price point, even though it has a myriad of glowing reviews. We shall see. 

This line started calling my name recently, I checked the ingredients of everything and was very impressed - very natural. Price point is affordable, so I am intrigued to see if the products are good. I am waiting to finish some of the products I currently own, and these will be next.

Despite this brand being available on our side of the pond for months now, I am yet to try it. All down to not wanting of overflow of products at any given time. But let me say this - Acure, I have my eye on you baby! When the time is right, I will start with shampoo, conditioner and this intriguing sounding overnight mask called fluff. I am coming for ya!

Ren anti redness serum & mask 

Ren is the brand I sort of boycotted for a while because of the phenoxyethanol in every single product, but let me tell you this, it is increasingly hard to find a product that is NOT using this preservative novadays, so I had to throw my hands in the air. Besides samples I had worked wonders on the redness and my dermatitis patch, I need to have both products in my life. 

RMS Lipstick. Or Two

Enough said.

So that is it, my post for today. I hope it will be helpful to you to choose products from the vast majority Love Lula carries. 

On Your Marks! Ready, Steady, Go Shop Now!!

Love Lula Black Friday Sale

Tata for now! Let me know what will you be getting?

Lots Of Love,
Green Life In Dublin
 Disclaimer: This post features my honest recommendations, real wishlist and affiliate links. Thank You for using them.


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Green Life In Dublin & Ocean Bloom giveaway!

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Green Life In Dublin & Ocean Bloom Giveaway
I am really excited to present you with a GIVEAWAY!!

I am partnering with Ocean Bloom, an Irish brand from Cork for a giveaway. One of you will win a set of organic skincare, which consists of Oil No9 (fabulous ingredients!) and Seaweed & Whipped Shea Hand & Body Butter.
The giveaway will be run on my IG page here, so make sure to hop over there. The rules are really simple:

✅ Follow me and Ocean Bloom on Instagram

✅ Tag three friends in the comments

That's it for mandatory entry, but you can earn extra entries by doing one or all of the following:

✅ Following me and the brand on other social media platforms, aka Facebook, Twitter, etc. Mine can be found at the end of this post, and visit Ocean Bloom website to find the links to theirs. Make sure to let us know about it!

✅ Tagging more friends after mandatory three. One extra entry for one friend tagged, all in separate comments please.

✅ Reposting the giveaway picture on your own page will give you 10 extra entries. Please add hashtag #greenlifeindublinoceanbloomgiveaway and have your account public on 30th of November, which is the day the giveaway ends.

The winner is announced the following day, 1st of December 2017.

Now for boring, but necessary bits - please read the rules carefully in order to be qualified to enter, I had loads of people tagging friends without tagging mandatory three in the first place, and those entries won't count I am afraid. So remember to tag three friends first, and then go to town :) Please don't follow and immediately unfollow after the giveaway is over, those accounts will be banned from my future giveaways.

The giveaway is open to residents of Ireland and Northern Ireland from 20th to 30th November 2017 as per brand's wishes. If you are younger than 18yr, please have your parents permission to enter. This giveaway is not associated with IG in any shape or form.  

Can't wait, won't wait? Shop at and get 5% off with my code "greenlife", valid until the end of this year.

Ocean Bloom is a natural Irish brand who uses seaweed in their skincare, and that is what exactly drew me to try the brand. Review to come in the following weeks, I will be very happy to expand my Irish Series of the blog.

P.s. Please make my day and subscribe and share this or any of my blog posts on social media. Thank You! It really helps to get the green beauty word out.
Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube
The best of luck to everyone entering! 
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Disclaimer, so we are in the clear. I am not paid to do this, nor I get anything from the code. It is all for you guys, because I love my followers.

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Rahua Voluminous Shampoo Review

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Rahua Volume Shampoo

Would you believe it took me eight years into the green beauty journey to try Rahua? I can't quite believe it either! Even though I knew about them from the start of my switch, in fact their was one of the first natural products to come into my radar, but I think I know why I resisted for so long - up until very recently I was a total bargain hunter when it comes to my products, and I could never cough up the cost for it, seeing as way overpriced. I am still a frugal girl in many ways, but I have come to my senses when it comes to clean and natural beauty products - I am happy to pay as long as the product is working well for me. I know the costs of quality raw materials and I am prepared to pay for the quality now, whereas before I used to look for cheapest versions of products (still natural though) and cry tears of crocodile when nothing was working or I couldn't find what I want locally! Don't get me wrong, I didn't went all posh and overpriced on you, I still maintain that good and really natural products can be found at all price points, it's just I relaxed my tight grip on prices now and will happily invest, as long as the product works well for me. So let's see if I think this product is worth the money? I've been testing the Rahua Voluminous Shampoo (around 32€, link) for quite a while now and I can finally give you my two cents on it.

Rahua's story began deep in the Amazon rainforest thousands of years ago where the women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe discovered the beautifying properties of Rahua oil. The oil is sourced from Rahua nut tree and its fortifying and shine-inducing effect on hair and nourishing and lasting glow on skin, quickly elevated it to an honored ingredient that has solidified its place in Amazonian beauty rituals for centuries. The ancient beauty practice was discovered by the New York hairstylist Fabian Lliguin who then went on to create Rahua with his wife Anna Ayers.

All Rahua products are vegan, organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and support indigenous people.
The brand is based on sustainable business in partnership with women from Amazonian nations such as Waorani, Achuar, Quichua, Quechua and Shuar. They are dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and creating learning centres too. You can certainly feel good about it when buying Rahua products! Great ingredients too! Rates at 2 on the EWG Skin Deep Database, and a quick scan with ThinkDirty gave me a score of 3. Fabulous or what?


Aqua, Herbal Infusion of Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract* and Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass) Extract*, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Aloe Barbadensis leaf Extract*, Coco Betaine, Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt), Saccharum Officinarum (Molasses) Extract, Glycine, Oenocarpus Bataua (Ungurahua) Oil, Hydrolyzed Quinoa, Potassium Sorbate (plant derived), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil*, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil*, Citric Acid, Panthenol, Chlorophyll. *denotes organic ingredients.

So, as you can see, all fabulous ingredients and extracts, but does it actually work? And how did I find it?

Well, it does work, and fabulously, actually, apart from one teeny tiny detail - I find it does not give me volume. I am fine with it though, as firstly I am yet to come across a shampoo that actually would give me volume, and secondly, I don't do much with my hair anyways, so it does not bother me one bit. Apart from this, I like it a lot, I am using it for quite some time now, about six months actually, and I still have some left - so I can see it lasting for a while. It lathers well and washes the hair well, you know, some shampoos are hard to wash out or don't give you that clean hair feeling - this is none of those things. My hair is shiny and soft just from the shampoo (I didn't buy the matching conditioner) and I find it passes my four day test (and by that I mean I wash my hair only every four days). Actually it would last even longer than four days, but my scalp gets oily and it shows, but the hair looks good! So I find myself only washing the scalp/roots now and not the full length of hair, which I've never done before. That means two things - I really think the shampoo will last for MONTHS, and I have long hair; and two - I am starting to eye up their dry shampoo, which isn't a part of my usual repertoire either, but after reading some glowing reviews on it, my curiosity is well piqued. I also think I will pick a travel size conditioner too - I need to see if it makes a difference, because I want to bring well rounded reviews for you guys. My hair is quite tangly, but less so with Rahua shampoo. 

Also, did you know that Love Lula has already started their Black Friday sale and you can pick this up at 15% off? Or any product for that matter? I know I am stocking up on some essentials :)


              You can shop LoveLula website here.

              Or subscribe to Love Lula box here.

That's my post for today. Have you tried Rahua line and what have you liked (or disliked) about it? Please share, I would love to know!

*Edit a couple of hours later. This shampoo smells of Palo Santo (earthy in other words) but does not linger.
My hair is fine, but lots of it, with very sensitive scalp. I haven't used any conditioners with it, just hair oils from the second day onwards, and only from half length down. 

Ta ta for now,

Lots of Love,

green life in dublin
 Disclaimer: The beauty box came as a part of LLABP programme and it features affiliate links. That is no additional cost to you, and I thank you for using them.

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Things I am loving Fall 2017

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Green Life In Dublin

I have to be honest here and say this post almost didn't happen. Some of you might be aware I went through some terrible times recently, for the second time this year (seriously, I can't wait for this year to be over!) so I I feel down in the dumps, fighting really had not to spiral down the depression route and going through the whole spectrum of emotions. Needles to say I didn't think I am enjoying ANYTHING at the moment, but having looked around I saw there are some things that bring me joy, so I thought I'd share it with you. FIY, this post isn't product heavy, so if you want, you can exit it now, no hard feelings, promise.

In no particular order, here are a few of the things I enjoyed recently. And there will be one thing I didn't enjoy, to put it mildly, but I will leave it to the end. It takes a lot for me to bitch, most of the time I let things wash over me, but I have to say something here.

Being By The Sea

I don't know how to explain it, but it brings me healing and the peace of mind like nothing else. So I am drawn to it like a moth to the flame, and I am sure I am not alone. I once read sea vibrates at the same frequency as a human in a deeply relaxed state, so there is something behind it. It just brings peace and calmness to my soul, and I really wish I could live by the sea, that is my ultimate dream.


These have drawn me in big time, I can't even explain why. I have a lot saved in my Pinterest board, as well as my Instagram, and what can I say, all the adult colouring books with mandalas, come this way please!


This is a all the time favourite activity, and although I am falling way behind 10-books-a-month habit, the best book I've read recently is Self Heal by Jill Rosemarie Davies. Unfortunately it is out of print for some time, so I am searching high and low to buy it second hand. The one I've read came from the library. It is a complete home guide to natural healing, herbs and nutrition. All the things I am interested in!

Vegan foods

Let's just say the eating/food situation is kinda difficult in our house - I often find myself cooking four different dinners! You see, I spoilt my family too much by cooking everything from scratch for years, and with four different eating plans, it takes it's toll sometimes. My husband is meat-is-the-best-vegetable kind of guy, my elder daughter is vegetarian who won't eat fish either, I myself have to be GF (gluten free) DF (dairy free) and sugar free as much as possible to stay dermatitis free; and my youngest is the fussiest eater you can find. So in order to simplify my life I now cook vegan meals most of the time, and let my hubby add meat to it should he fancy it, but I am pleased to say we buy less and less meat, which I am thrilled about. I am yet to make my hubs to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives or any other similar movie - he refuses full stop. I asked nicely, left loaded movies on his laptop, sent him links and so on an forth, all I have left is bully option; but then again, if he chooses to buy next to no meat, maybe I don't have to?

Love Lula Natural Beauty Club (Facebook Group)

It is a forum on Facebook, where users of natural beauty products can get advice from knowledgeable writers, from their peers and from the brand owners and formulators. More and more of you joining in the conversations, as well as the founders such as Kimberly Sayer, Dee Stein from ESSE and Ben Lyons from Lyonsleaf to the club, to name just a few. I am certainly enjoying every minute of it! Not just giving advice or sharing my reviews, but also seeing what other people (not necessarily bloggers) are buying, using and enjoying. I've been chosen the most helpful member twice, once by Love Lula, and then by members of the group, the one time they were given the chance to vote. That has definitely warmed up my heart I have to say!

Lip Balms That Would Stay On The Lips

One of them is Hurraw Moon Balm, aka their night balm. I should class this is really an All The Time Fave, and it deserves a place in the Holy Grail Products category! It's replaced before it runs out, and l freak out if I can't find it. Different texture than the rest of the Hurraw balms, with slight vanilla scent. Surely a sign of love? 
Then there's also a lip balm from my favourite Irish company that is Bees Flying Wild, their Rosemary and Honey lip balm is my saviour in winter. Must stock up soon, because I am running out of them. 
And then there's my newest discovery, Fruu balms. Not as good as the first two imo, but they stay on pretty well too.


As soon as the temperatures drop, I get the urge to knit or crochet something, aka create things with my hands. I love creating full stop, and this time I am continuing to make these cupcakes crocheted decorations for the Christmas tree. I will show them later on. Don't hate me for dropping C word :) 

Wool slippers

I got them for incredibly cheap last year in Lithuania in second hand store (see my thrift haul post here if you want to). 1.5€ for brand new felted wool slippers, you can't beat that, can you? Long story short, I started wearing them just now, and can't be happier about it! So warm and cosy, and who does not like feeling warm and cosy? 


I managed to forage quite a bit of it this fall,  so I made tinctures and syrup. Feeling prepared for sickness season!

Hempture products

A little correction - my mum, who is battling breast cancer, enjoyed the products, not me. Hempture is an Irish company who do hemp extracts and so much more - and I am really glad about it. The more I research about cancer and the enforcement of highly expensive but very ineffective treatments of chemo and radiation when there are natural and much more effective treatments available makes my blood boil. I won't go into the details of heartbreaking journey we had this far, but I want to include this product and Irish company who do this in order to spread the message of natural cures, because a lot of people are simply not aware of it. I thought of doing a review post on Hempture, but as I am not a doctor and don't have a training in the medical field whatsoever, I don't feel I have a leg to stand on to talk about it. I am simply someone who did a bit of digging and found natural cancer treatments available and wanted to give my mom what’s best. Please visit to find out more about hemp products and uses. And no, this isn't weed, it won't make you high, and it is legal within EU! 


If I had my way, I could drink it non stop, at least five cups a day! Unfortunately life gets in a way, so I make sure to drink at least one cup of green tea in the morning, and some herbals teas in the afternoon. As I am really sensitive to caffeine, I make sure to drink caffeine free versions post 2pm. One of my favourites is still the rooibos tea with turmeric, ginger and honey, aka the Drink That Helps Me Stay Well In Winter (post here) and I keep trying to add new dimensions to it all the time too, like adding some cinnamon for speeding up metabolism and adding that festive touch to it. Hey, it is my tea, and there are no rules! Another tea I love of late is camomile tea with a bit of saffron, I read some reports on it being a natural anti-depressant, so of course I have to try it! I will keep you posted on whether it works or not. 

And for the one thing I am NOT loving, is.. Is.. the greed of one Youtuber and blogger. I have followed her for a couple of years now, and at first I loved her - she invited me to check out her channel via comment on someone else's page, and I watched all 15 videos she had at a time in one go. Everything she was talking about resonated with me, so I sort of had a fan girl moment, leaving gushing comments on her videos. Fast forward a couple of years ago, I couldn't ignore her arrogance anymore that was grating on me for some time - and the last straw that broke the deal for me was when I found out she does skincare consultations at 50$ a pop despite having no qualifications in the field whatsoever. I unsubscribed there and then. Fast forward a couple of years to bring us back to speed - last month bored out of my mind I wandered to her Youtube channel and clicked on her favourites video - and what do I hear? She has set up Patreon account so her followers could support her! Now, let's see - she works full time and thus is well able to buy her own products. Plus she is an ambassador to a well known subscription box, meaning she gets free boxes, has a endless supply of PR samples, has affiliate links all over her YT channel and website, meaning she is making extra money on the side, AND she sets up a Patreon account ON  TOP OF ALL THIS? You might know her as the "one who loves music". Correct me if I am wrong, but when enough is enough?

P.s. I am the least bitchy person, and all my friends would confirm it, so it is isn't a moan out of jealousy or something. It takes me a lot to bitch, and I simply couldn't leave this unsaid. 

So that is it for today. What are you loving this fall? Pumpkin spice lattes? Crisp fall weather? Leave a comment down below.

Kind Regards,

Green Life In Dublin